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More depth, more detail

What is DARBEE?

DARBEE Visual Presence™ image enhancement technology is incorporated into Optoma projectors. The acclaimed video processing technology results in extraordinary levels of detail, depth, lighting and object separation.

How does it work?

Visual Presence works at the pixel level, changing luminance values to add more depth and realism. It creates a clearer, sharper picture by embedding stereoscopic depth information from a human-vision-based model.

Image processing is adjustable, giving you the flexibility to customise the visual enhancement.

Three built-in-modes

Hi Def

Provides the feeling of enhanced realism to HD content.


Increased depth and clarity in dark areas so gamers can see their opponents and targets clearly and quickly.

Full Pop

Provides the highest preset giving the strongest amount of depth cues.


“Projected images take on near physical presence, skin pores are displayed with medical detail and hair looks so palpable one feels almost able to pluck it. It’s the next best thing to going to the cinema itself…”

The Guardian, December 2016
“…the image quality is astonishing, and it’s coupled with a punchy, colourful presentation that makes films a joy to behold.”

Expert Reviews, January 2017
More depth, more detail


    • Lights on viewing – 3200 ANSI lumens
    • Easy connectivity - 2x HDMI and MHL support and built-in 10W speaker
    • Amazing colour - accurate Rec.709 colours
    • Award winning Darbee Visual Presence™ technology inside, 16ms response time


    • Разрешение Full HD 1080p и короткофокусный объектив - изображение 100" с расстояния 1 метр
    • Яркие, насыщенные цвета - 3000 ANSI лм
    • Простота и удобство подключения: 2 входа HDMI с поддержкой MHL и встроенный динамик 10 Вт
    • Технология Darbee Visual Presence™, время отклика 16 мс


    • Множество вариантов установки – вертикальный сдвиг объектива и 1.6x зум
    • Простота и удобство подключения: 2 входа HDMI с поддержкой MHL и встроенный динамик 10 Вт
    • Яркие, насыщенные цвета - 3500 ANSI лм, точная цветопередача - Rec709
    • Отмеченная наградами технология Darbee Visual Presence™

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